Bodø homofile steder for møter nesoddtangen

Amongst the strongest tidal currents in the world, with water speeds reaching 22 knots (41 km/h; 25 mph is Saltstraumen, situated about 30 kilometres (19 mi) southeast of Bodø. Several lighthouses are also located out in the Vestfjorden: Bjørnøy Lighthouse, Grytøy Lighthouse, Landegode Lighthouse, Nyholmen Lighthouse, and Tennholmen Lighthouse. Gay område i Akershus county har mange festivaler og populære arrangementer som vil få deg til å nyte sikkert, besøk Menspaces og ikke gå glipp av noen fest. 2, the very tip of the peninsula is called Nesoddtangen, where the last element is (the definite form of) tange which means " spit ". "Table: 06913: Population 1 January and population changes during the calendar year (M (in Norwegian). Municipal council edit The municipal council ( Kommunestyre ) of Bodø is made up of 39 representatives that are elected every four years. The Norwegian Armed Forces headquarters for North Norway is located at Reitan, east of the city. Sjunkhatten National Park is partly located in Bodø municipality, and there are also 17 nature reserves. The arms are a representation of the midnight sun and they are a simplified version of the old arms from 1889 which showed a sun above a boat with mountains in the background. The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Bodø (which is also the capital. Permanent dead link "Sundstraumlian naturreserva" (in Norwegian). The Bodø Cathedral was built in 1956, representing post-war architecture, whereas the Bodin Church just outside the city centre dates from the 13th century, representing a typical medieval stone church. In fact, all three elements in this name have (nearly) the same meaning, so it can be translated roughly as peninsula-peninsula-peninsula. It was started in the year 1908. "Bodø average conditions; base period 10 last years, sun hours provided by ". Nesoddtangen has passenger ferry connections to Lysaker in Bærum (8 min) and Aker Brygge in Oslo (23 min). The new cultural centre "Stormen" (the storm) was opened in 2014. Velg mellom de siste medlemmene under slik at du kan se din perfekte date. The chancel was extended in 1714. Municipality in Nordland, Norway, bodø (pronounced budø ( listen ) 3 4 ; Lule Sami : Bådåddjo ) is a municipality in, nordland county, Norway. However, travellers going further north will often switch to a connecting bus in the nearby town of Fauske bound for the town of Narvik. Bodø MAS is a major Norwegian military air base, housing two-thirds of Norway's F-16 sand klær kristiansand nordland fighter force and two of RNoAFs SAR Sea Kings. Skjerstad Fjord in the eastern part of Bodø passes through the Saltstraumen into the Saltfjorden. "Civic heraldry of Norway - Norske Kommunevåpen". On, the Tårnvika and Øygården areas (population: 22) northeast of the village of Kjerringøy in Sørfold Municipality was transferred to Bodø. The church was most recently restored between 19, both times under the direction of architect Ragnar Nilsen (18961986). Retrieved 10 September 2016. See also edit References edit Related reading edit External links edit. The all-time low was recorded in February 1966, which was the coldest month on record with a mean.9 C (16.0 F). On, the town of Bodø (population: 14,252) was merged with the municipality of Bodin (population: 13,323) and this created the much larger Bodø Municipality. Coat of arms edit The coat of arms is designed by the architect Christian Doxrud (19172002) and authorized 12 December 1986. Parts of nato air forces attending the annual Cold Response are stationed at Bodø Main Air Station. The rebuilding ended in 1959 with the completion of the new town hall. Due to atmospheric refraction, there is no true polar night in Bodø, but because of the mountains south of Bodø, the sun is not visible in parts of the municipality from early December to early January. Bodø is host to the cultural festivals Nordland Musikkfestuke and Parkenfestivalen every summer, as well as the free and volunteer based Bodø Hardcore Festival in early winter. 7 World War II edit Most of the town of Bodø was destroyed during a Luftwaffe attack on Six thousand people were living in Bodø, and 3500 people lost their homes in the attack. The islands of Landegode, Helligvær, Bliksvær, and Karlsøyvær all lie in the Vestfjorden. It would have been vital in the build-up of nato air and land forces to defend Norway, and thus the entire northern flank of nato, in a war with the Warsaw Pact.

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